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What is SWOCC Studios?


SWOCC is an acronym for the Southwestern Oakland Cable Commission. SWOCC was formed when the three cities (Farmington, Farmington Hills and Novi) joined together to negotiate a contract in 1982 with MetroVision (Cable provider at that time).


The mission of community access for the Southwestern Oakland Cable Commission (SWOCC) is to bring local residents, schools, governments, religious organizations, service groups and businesses together through constructive, prudent uses of communication technologies to build and enhance community. Don't hesitate to visit Livepaperhelp.com for additional information on the topic. SWOCC provides greater advantages in cable negotiations and economies of scale in administration, oversight and production. Doing your homework, or buying an essay online would be impossible without the needed assistance and trusted academic writing services. Click the Following Page to find a dedicated expert.


Cablecasting programs are free-of-charge.

What We Offer:

SWOCC Studios offers state-of-the-art equipment, two studios, four channels for playback, one allocated for each city and one public access channel for the public in all three cities.


The four access channels are cablecast in the cities of Farmington, Farmington Hills, and Novi on the Bright House Cable and AT&T U-Verse to approximately 40,000 households.


Farmington Hills:  8 on Bright House, 99 on AT&T U-Verse

Public Access: 12 on Bright House

Novi: 13 on Bright House, 99 on AT&T U-Verse

Farmington:  15 on Bright House, 99 on AT&T U-Verse


The Board is made up of two members from each city (City Manager and an Elected Official)


33300 Nine Mile Road

Farmington, MI  48336